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Healthcare/Medical Services Outsourcing

Over the years, medical outsourcing to India has gained a new significance as core patient care has to be supported through fast, technologically advanced diagnostics and crucial, data-intensive back office operations. As the global healthcare industry is increasingly under pressure to deliver better quality patient care at the quickest possible turnaround time and affordable pricing, the huge potential of the India BPO market has been recognized, and the more advanced domains of healthcare industry such as clinical processing, claims processing, and applications development are now successfully handled by leading BPO firms across the country.
Current Trends
Medical services outsourcing from the USA has already witnessed a CAGR of 150% in the last two years and further spending in healthcare outsourcing to India is expected to grow over $38 billion during 2007-2008. A HIPAA-compliant talent pool and substantial cost advantages (approximate 50%), make India one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations as Payers and Providers across the globe experience escalated service levels and diminishing overheads in real time.
Key Activities at Go2India
While medical billing, coding, and collection continue to dominate the healthcare BPO market, the HIPAA recommendation for automating the entire provider system is also boosting the business of medical transcription to a new height. Go2India excels in all data/resource-intensive operations – ensuring speedy remittance processing, providing need-based EMR (electronic medical records) solutions, and helping convert large volumes of legacy data into digital documents.
Powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure and matured processes, Go2India has expanded beyond the traditional BPO platform and entered the more complex KPO space. Our proven competencies in areas like teleradiology, integrated applications development, 2D/3D medical animation, and customer analytics have helped the company corner success in a highly competitive global market. Our services portfolio for Payers and Providers includes the following:
Medical Billing & Coding
Medical Transcription
Enterprise Application Development, Integration, Testing, and Maintenance
2D/3D Medical Animation
Data Entry and Legacy Data Conversion
Document Management
Customer Care & Analytics

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