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Radiology Services

Offshoring radiology services is rapidly becoming a worldwide practice as healthcare facilities across the globe struggle to cope with increasing number of patients and the subsequent volume of work. Rapid advances in imaging technology have also witnessed a sharp rise in the number of tests – adding further to the workload.

In the USA alone, radiologists are faced with a 6%l increase in annual imaging, while there is only a 2% increase in the number of certified professionals. According to recent studies, the annual workload in the USA will rise by 140% by the year 2020, while other developed nations like the UK and Australia are also under pressure to bridge the rapidly widening demand-supply gap. Outsourcing radiology services to specialists in India not only helps meet the need for early diagnoses but also does away with procedural delays and ensures more affordable medical care across remote locations and facilities of every size.

Based in Bangalore, Go2India has the necessary expertise, equipment, and to provide round-the-clock, reliable radiology services to medical facilities, radiology practices, and imaging centers across the globe. Leveraging a rich talent pool of trained resources and utilizing time zone advantages, the BPO leader teams up with overseas and Indian facilities to handle surplus hospital work, as well as weekend and night-time workflow. As fast turnaround is crucial for radiology diagnostics, Go2India ensures speedy diagnoses 24x7 to help reduce costs & workload, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Remote Radiology Services for Enhanced Care
An integral part of clinical process outsourcing (CPO), remote radiology/ teleradiology plays a crucial role when it comes to widening the spectrum of patient care and providing fast & accurate services. At Go2India, our trained radiologists have expertise in all imaging modalities and provide most accurate diagnostic interpretations of non-invasive imaging studies – so that medical professionals may leverage leading technologies to focus on the core service of patient care. Our domain expertise in primary & consultative image interpretation includes:
1. Plain Radiography (X-ray)
2. Ultrasound
3. Computer Tomography (CT)
4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
5. Mammography
6. Nuclear Imaging
Once radiological images are electronically transmitted via a secure broadband connection, experts at Go2India review the same, make accurate readings and prepare reports in digital or any other customized format required by a client. Reports are then submitted to subspecialists for further quality checks and sent over to clients within the shortest possible time. Emergency cases are put on high priority to ensure faster turnaround while a team of 20 full-time radiologists is available round the clock for consultation on most complex cases. We use both voice and Web-based communication modes to be constantly in touch with your team. Go2India employs the latest and most sophisticated medical equipment for the best possible output and adheres to a collaborative, workflow-driven process to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and ensure cost effectiveness.
Advantage Go2India
24x7 Service for Improved Patient Care
Outsourcing radiology operations to Go2India helps bridge time zones and ensures 24x7 services – resulting into reduced waiting period and improved patient care. Remote radiology also guarantees that healthcare facilities with limited resources may now widen the spectrum of patient care and offer quick and affordable diagnoses. With our experienced medical technicians and transcriptionists working round the clock, Go2India pledges fast turnaround and generates final reports within 16-18 hours. High-priority cases are dealt on war footing to ensure quick completion.
Expert Reading & Real-time Interaction for Impeccable Quality
At Go2India, our experienced professionals provide you with the most accurate readings and offer the best in radiology diagnostics. We strictly adhere to the ACR (American College of Radiology) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines in a bid to meet the highest international quality standards. What’s more, our experts are always available for communication/consultation when intensive interaction with overseas clients is required for addressing complex cases.
Significant Savings in Time & Cost
Outsourcing radiology readings to Go2India not only results into cost & time saving for healthcare facilities but also enables biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions to reduce clinical trial expenses.
Fail Proof Data Security & Complete Privacy Safeguard
At Go2India, we recognize the need to protect personal information and patient privacy tops our priority list. The company signs NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) with its staff members to ensure strict confidentiality of patient records. A full range of tried-and-tested physical and electronic measures are also in place for maintaining fail proof data security.


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