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Multimedia Services

In today’s highly competitive and fast-evolving digital era, businesses need to impact target audience for promoting products/services and building brand value. Multimedia remains the most effective communication tool – aesthetically combining different media types including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video, to create stunning and interactive presentations. Multimedia development, however, calls for capital- and resource-intensive operations, driving niche companies to seek expert help. As the rapidly evolving international markets pose an increasing demand for advanced, time-bound, and cost-effective business communication solutions, global corporations turn to India for its huge pool of well-trained IT and creative professionals, technology edge, and state-of-the-art infrastructural set-up.

Go2India: Creating Excellence in 3D Space
From corporate branding through to training tools development, creating power-packed animation to life-like VR (virtual reality) environment formation – Bangalore-based Go2India offers a full array of cutting-edge communication solutions to enhance your brand value and maximize recall. The BPO leader serves some of the largest corporations in the world and provides fully customized multimedia solutions required for interactive communication, sales pitching, and corporate branding.

At Go2India, we have developed a world-class team of visualizers, programmers, and animation artists who will join hands with your business strategists to create unique presentations – both technologically sound and unparalleled in creativity. The company employs most advanced technology tools such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Maya, 3D Max, and many more, to empower businesses with unique ideas and flawless executions. Our man years of experience across diverse industry verticals and knowledge of global markets will also help you realize sustainable competitive advantages in terms of impeccable quality and reduced time to market.

Domain Expertise

Corporate Solutions
  Corporate Presentation, CD-ROM Creation
As new-millennium companies feel the need to do away with routine PowerPoint slides and dull charts/graphs, Go2India helps create high-end multimedia presentations – both online and offline. We will study your core competencies and develop effective, audience-friendly corporate presentations for sales/marketing demos, trade shows, employee orientation, and marketing collaterals such as direct mailers and interactive brochures. Our comprehensive understanding of the medium, highly creative approach, and capability to convert client requirements into concise, emphatic presentations make us the choice partner of global corporations. Furthermore, the BPO leader has the experience and expertise to design and develop CD-ROMs/DVDs – so that your message is conveyed to the right audience in the right way.
Educational/Training Tools
  CBT/WBT Creation
Designing e-learning module plays a crucial role as more and more educational institutions facilitate study-at-ease, distant-learning courses for greater reach-out across the globe. Dynamic enterprises/corporate houses also opt for computer-based and Web-based learning modules for east-to-access, on-demand training ranging from professional & soft skills improvement through to understanding of project-specific requirements. At Go2India, we convert existing materials into highly effective and interactive learning programs such as CBT and WBT delivered over the Internet, Intranet, or Extranet. Our professionals integrate different media formats including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video to create completely customized e-learning solutions on par with international standards.
VR Solutions
  Product Demo, Walkthrough, Fly-By
With the digital media leveraging the latest in 3D technologies, precision 3D modeling embedded in a VR (Virtual Reality) environment helps create an immersive reality never before achieved in interactive communication. Be it a detailed product demo empowered by mechanical/industrial simulation or a 3D architectural walkthrough for true-to-life interior-exterior presentation of your dream project, Go2India provides the right blend of technical expertise and creative excellence to make it an unforgettable experience for your target audience.

At Go2India, our team of visualizers, graphic artists, 3D designers, and animation specialists will work in tandem with qualified architects and engineers to help showcase your product/project with life-like reality. Our professionals are well conversant with all aspects of mechanical & architectural drawings, and use the most advanced technologies like VRML, QTVR, and Panoramic Simulation for 3D animation, 3D rendering, and special effects. We will conceptualize, design, and develop stunning visual presentations – so that your product demo/project walkthrough may become one of the most effective sales tools.

  3D Modeling
The BPO leader specializes in complex and heavily animated 3D modeling – user-interactive/non-interactive imagery sculpted to minutest details and used in a wide variety of fields such as sciences, engineering, medical industry, architecture, films, games, and advertising. From character, object, and architectural modeling through to scene set up and real-life rendering, experts at Go2India remain dedicatedly involved in the intensely artistic enterprise to ensure super-smooth implementation. While we employ new-generation polygonal modeling tools & compelling special effects, meticulous attention is given to texturing, lighting, and camera angles in order to model reality with chosen accuracy and on par with your vision.
  3D Simulations
Real-time 3D simulations provide dynamic, true-to-life presentations of complex systems/tasks to help enhance a user’s comprehension of the business environment and the operational scenario. Go2India has expertise in all major simulation software and offers a wide array of simulation services to forward-thinking companies using this technical tool for cost-profit analyses and agile decision-making.

Advanced computer simulation modeling enables enterprises to study virtual business models before real-life implementation and effectively helps in strategy planning and risk management. Organizations also opt for 3D simulations for better implementation of traditional hands-on training – thus doing away with expensive physical mock-ups and ensuring increased efficiency within a short timeframe. At Go2India, our well-trained and experienced team will study your custom requirements and develop the most realistic 3D simulations to help fulfill your organizational goals.

Animation, Special Effects, Films
  2D/3D/Logo Animation
Go2India boasts a state-of-the-art animation studio and a team of qualified professionals specializing in 2D, 3D, and logo animation to help your brand stand out from the rest. While animated logos spell out business visions more effectively and create a lasting impression on the audience, our expertise in product and character animation helps create techno-art of the highest order.
  What we do:
  ¬ Pre-Production
     Character/object/set designing/modeling
     Backgrounds creation
  ¬ Animation
  ¬ Clean-up & in-between
  ¬ Post-Production
     Audio integration
     Animation compilation
     Special effects
  Special Effects
Be it a product promo or a project fly-by, an entertaining movie/cartoon or a thrilling computer/video game, the special effects created by Go2India bring each one to life or help add breathtaking surreal tones. From simple color correction through to audio/video synchronization, simulation, and VR environment creation – our blockbuster special effects will liven up your live footage with a wonder touch without blowing your budget.
Leveraging the latest in digital media technology, Go2India offers a full range of dynamic solutions to cover a huge spectrum of client requirements, ranging from curtain raisers to full-fledged corporate films, documentaries, shorts films, and Ad films. Be it animation or special effects, voice-over or synchronization of sound, videos, and stills – our multimedia studio will breathe new life to your project, capture your audience, and ensure quick turnaround. Our expertise spans:
    ¬ Curtain Raiser
    ¬ Corporate Film
    ¬ Documentary
    ¬ Short Film
    ¬ Ad Film




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