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Market Research

As market competition continues to accelerate, market research has become an essential part of any business process gunning for growth and profitability. Effective market research helps in providing crucial business intelligence at the right time, and also aids in guiding business strategies. Leading corporations across the globe, therefore, opt for an extensive range of market research tools and techniques to gain a better insight into their business, improve decision-making, and optimize enterprise performance. Based in Bangalore, Go2India provides a full spectrum of market research services to businesses across the USA, UK, and Europe.

Understand Your Market, Know Your Consumers
Go2India offers market research solutions to help evaluate market opportunities, monitor competition, assess investments, build relationships, and make strategic business decisions. The company employs a trained workforce with a comprehensive understanding of research and statistical methodologies, and experience of working with leading research organizations. Our market research services span various industries, markets, methods, and situations, and include both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. The company provides tailor-made solutions to meet custom requirements and transforms raw data into useful business information. We specialize in various research studies including:
1.Market sizing studies
2.Behavioral and attitudinal studies
3.Usage and attitude studies
4.Market and brand dynamics
5.Customer satisfaction measurement studies
6.User profile based on brand/ product usage patterns
7.Product pricing studies
8.Product feasibility studies

Go2India has the capabilities to collate meaningful information, ensure accurate data analyses, and offer the output in any format required by the client. We employ advanced tools such as SPSS, WinCross, Quantum, and MS Access to convert raw data into deliverables indicating the latest market trends. As our aim is to deliver the best market research solutions, we always invest in the latest technologies and develop new ways of performing research in an effort to help your business boom.

Services Portfolio

We deliver a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective research services to meet your market analytics needs. Our offerings include:

Research Design

1.Sample Design
Sample design is about choosing diverse elements (businesses, people etc.) to be included in a specific survey so as to provide an extensive base for measuring economic and social trends. Go2India can help you recognize the most relevant elements to understand consumer behavior and analyze market trends.

2.Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire is one of the most important tools of market research and an ideal way for collecting data. Go2India can help its clients in designing an effective questionnaire to conduct a market survey.

3.Telephone Interview & CATI
CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is a proven process for conducting successful telephone interviews where the interviewer reads questions from a computer screen and keys in the answers directly. Go2India employs trained interviewers who are well-versed with the CATI technique.

4.Personal Interview
Like CATI, we specialize in conducting personal interviews with the help of our skilled staffs who can collect and analyze useful information promptly and accurately.

5.Internet Studies
Our well-trained employees can perform intensive research on the Internet to collect data required for a specific survey/study.

6.Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping is another successful research technique where our workers assume the role of shoppers and buy a specific product/brand to collect structured data on the "shopping experience". The data gathered helps in improving service standards and enhancing customer satisfaction.

7.Mail Surveys
Conducting a successful and effective mail survey calls for the right expertise, experience, and a great deal of time and effort. We can help you with all aspects of mail survey designing, implementation, result collation, and analyses.

Data Processing
After data collection from a wide range of sources, experts at Go2India test the input for relevance and retain only pertinent and necessary data required for effective analysis. From data cleaning, coding, and verification through to data conversion and preparation, Go2India provides a full spectrum of data processing services to convert your raw data into useful business information. Our personalized approach to each assignment ensures that we can provide you with the right data at the right time.


1. Bi Variate & Multi Variate Analysis
The company can perform both bi variate and multi variate analysis to analyze research data. While bi variate analysis is performed to study the relationship between two variables, multi variate analysis is performed to study the relationship among various sets of variables.

2.Conjoint Analysis
The company is well-versed in this technique used for measuring respondents’ preferences regarding the features of a particular product or service. It is an ideal technique for new/enhanced product development.

3.Correlation and Regression
Correlation and regression studies/analyses are usually performed together. While correlation analysis is done to evaluate the relationship between two sets of variables, regression analysis aims to study the quantitative relationship between a dependent variable and a set of independent variables.

4.Correspondence Analysis
Also known as brand mapping, this technique is the illustrative way of evaluating relationships among survey variables like brands and attributes.

5.Factor Analysis
This technique aims to describe a huge number of variables or questions by using a reduced set of primary variables, called factors.

6.Multi-dimensional Scaling
Go2India has the experience and expertise to perform multi-dimensional scaling. Considered as an alternative to factor analysis, this technique aims to recognize meaningful underlying dimensions which would allow researchers to explain observed similarities or dissimilarities between the investigated objects.


7.Charting and Graphics
The company has extensive experience in transforming research data into useful charts, graphics, and presentations.

8.Report Writing and Data Interpretation
Go2India can help its clients to convert data into meaningful reports presenting an overview of the research study. Our reports contain executive summaries, advanced analyses, conclusions, and recommendations, and we can provide the same in any kind of format desired by the client.

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