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Medical Transcription

Patient information management is deemed a crucial task for fast, efficient, and enhanced healthcare services. Accurate documentation of medical data including case histories, diagnoses, and treatment details not only remains a useful point of reference but also acts as an effective safeguard both for the patient and the healthcare provider. Well-documented medical records are also required for processing insurance claims.

As quality patient care becomes more complex and demanding every day, practitioners and healthcare facilities often run out of time and resources to carry out the task of transcribing dictations/voice data into electronic documents. Outsourcing this crucial yet routine chore to transcription specialists in India will provide you with end-to-end quality solutions at competitive pricing while freeing up your resources for core activities. Currently, medical transcription offshoring to India generates $195 million in revenues and it is expected to reach $647 million by 2010.

From accurate dictation capture through to high-quality transcription, secure document transfer, and storage – Bangalore-based Go2India offers a full array of efficient and cost-effective medical transcription services 24x7 and caters to a number of prestigious healthcare facilities, practices, and research organizations across the globe. Our dedicated team of transcriptionists, editors, and QC specialists will work round the clock to ensure high accuracy, fast turnaround, and complete customer satisfaction – so that you may save on time & efforts and focus on core competencies. The BPO leader can also customize its transcription services to meet the specific requirements of your business processes.

Service Highlights

At Go2India, our experienced professionals leverage the latest technology tools for the most accurate documentation of crucial medical data. Clients may use analogue/digital recorders, PDA devices, dictation software, or toll-free phone-in services to provide us with the necessary information. We can also interface with your in-house dictation systems. Once we receive clients’ input, data will be transcribed and sent to experienced editors for necessary corrections and a certified QC team will finally review each document for error-free output. Quality-checked transcriptions are sent to clients in formats specified by them (.doc, .rtf, .txt, .html, .xml) and within the scheduled timeframe. Transcriptions are dispatched via secure delivery protocols including any combination of HL7, fax, e-mail, and network folders.

Go2India is fully equipped to interface with a wide array of hospital information systems (HIS), clinical information systems (CIS), and electronic medical records (EMR) – ensuring adaptable processes, seamless workflow and quick turnaround time (TAT). We follow the AAMT (American Association of Medical Transcribers) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines for industry wide acceptability, and strictly adhere to a rigid confidentiality policy which ensures complete data security of your project.

Key differentiators:
1.World-class transcription services conforming to AAMT & HIPAA guidelines
2.Toll-free phone-in dictation facility, as well as compatible interfaces for various dictation systems
3.Barcode reader options for accuracy & data confidentiality
4.Industry standard format for interfacing with a wide range of HIS, CIS, and EMR
5.Transcription supervision by experienced & certified QC team
6.Transcribed reports available in Microsoft™ Word®, RTF, TXT, HTML, XML, or any other custom format
7.Quick turnaround time (TAT), timely delivery, and zero backlogs
8.Trained backup to ensure smooth workflow
9.Significant reduction in operational, infrastructural, and maintenance cost

Our range of expertise includes:

Specialties Served
Transcription Requirements Covered
Allergy Autopsy Reports
Cardiology Clinic Notes
Dermatology Consultation Reports
Family Medicine Diagnostic Imaging Studies
Gastroenterology Discharge Summaries
General Surgery Disability Reports
Internal Medicine Follow-up Notes
Microsurgery/Neurology General Communications
Neurosurgery/Neurology History and Physical Examination
OB/GYN Narratives
Ophthalmology Nurse Practitioner Notes
Orthopedic Surgery Operative Reports
Otolaryngology Patient Progress Notes
Pediatric Cardiology Physician Assistant Notes
Pediatrics Procedure Notes
Physical Therapy Progress Notes
Plastic Surgery Referral Letters
Radiation-Oncology Soap Notes
Urology Workman Compensation Reports


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