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Data Entry & Data Conversion

The intellectual capital of any organization remains locked up in large volumes of legacy data – mostly stored as hard copy, images, or unstructured digital documents. However, vital data must be recorded accurately and converted into well-structured, easy-to-access formats – so that global enterprises are empowered with timely information and pertinent business intelligence. Outsourcing high-volume data entry and data processing work to an offshore expert not only reduces back-office workload and costs but also ensures quick turn around time and enhanced data quality in terms of accuracy, accessibility, and relevance.

Go2India for Efficient Data Solutions

Based in Bangalore, Go2India is a BPO leader offering a wide array of data entry solutions to the global clientele. From the traditional paper-to-soft copy data entry through to key-from-image, document/image scanning, automated data extraction, data cleansing, and data conversion – our services portfolio includes a full spectrum of best-quality and fully customized solutions at the most competitive pricing. Whether you are looking for a one-off project or keen to work with us on an ongoing basis, our multi-industry expertise for capturing and converting large volumes of data into useful, flexible formats helps ensure hassle-free data management.

Go2India constantly upgrades to latest technology tools and has a well-defined methodology in place for effective project management, timely delivery, and stringent quality monitoring. Our experienced professionals are available 24x7 and work in tandem with offshore client teams to ensure a seamless workflow. What’s more, the BPO firm adheres to a unique tracking and reporting system for workflow monitoring and process transparency – so that you may remain in complete control of all mission-critical projects. Go2India signs NDAs with all its clients & employees, and observes strict security measures for total confidentiality of your valuable data.

Domain Expertise
Go2India caters to a large, blue-chip customer base spanning several industry verticals such as Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Finance, Law, Transportation, Retail, Publishing, and many more. Our comprehensive suite of integrated data solutions will help reduce paper-intensive operations across organizations and ensure cost & time savings. We have domain expertise in the following areas:

1.Data Entry & Related Services

Single & double keying data entry
Go2India has extensive experience in providing large volume data entry services to global clients while ensuring minimum errors, maximum accuracy, fast turnaround, and complete confidentiality. Our experienced professionals use such popular applications as Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, and Corel WordPerfect to key in data from various sources including printed materials, manuscripts, image files, business transaction documents, and Web materials. The output is then converted into a format required by the client and can be deployed on multiple platforms. Go2India specializes in both single & double keying to ensure at least 99.99% accuracy. The BPO leader has implemented an online data entry and remote verification system which further simplifies production, ensures hassle-free data validation, and guarantees fast delivery.

Scanning, data capture & data extraction
At Go2India, our qualified and experienced professionals will leverage high-end devices and latest technology tools to meet complex and diverse requirements across various media and different platforms. The company has proven expertise in high-volume data entry from paper documents/image files, and employs a unique combination of manual systems & automatic conversion tools to ensure greater accuracy. We have in place a number of high-end scanners for high-resolution, faster scanning operations and also specialize in accurate data capturing/data extraction from scanned documents/image files. Go2India uses special software tools like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), and OMR (Optical Mark recognition) for turning scanned documents/images into editable text and output the data into any file format specified by clients. What’s more, our QC team will verify and validate your valuable data at every level to guarantee best accuracy.

What we offer:
1.Data entry from hand-written & printed materials
2.Data entry from image files
3.Document/image/microfilm scanning
4.Lockbox processing
5.Check processing from image
6.Data entry/data capture/extraction from paper/image-based forms
  » Medical, legal, and insurance claim forms
  » Market research, questionnaires, and survey forms
  » Product registration, rebate, and coupon redemption forms
  » Shipping forms
  » Credit card application forms
  » Tax and rental forms
  » Subscription forms
7.Receipt/bill/order processing
8.Catalog data entry
9.Data entry for payrolls
10.Mailing lists/labels data entry
11.Business card data entry
12.Data entry for membership directories, Yellow & White Pages
13.Data entry and compilation from Internet/Web sites
14.Data entry for software programs/applications
15.E-mail mining for maximum leverage of corporate knowledge base

Voice to Text
Go2India has the expertise to extract data from audio-video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and other digital formats such as aac, avi, dss, mov, mp3, mp4, wav, wma and many more. Data will be converted to high-quality text output and the transcripts will be delivered in a variety of formats such as doc, text, and pdf. The company also provides a toll-free, dial-in dictation service to ensure zero-waiting time and greater convenience.
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2.Data Cleansing
Removing inadvertent errors and cleansing data files of invalid codes and logical inconsistencies come next, and the experience staff at Go2India uses standardized checking and updating programs for best-possible accuracy. Marginal frequencies are also reviewed to make sure that cleaning programs are detecting relevant errors.

3.Data Conversion
Converting crucial data from a specific media/file format to another, calls for extensive technical expertise and high level of accuracy. Whether you want to convert raw data into electronic formats or need to integrate information with databases, spreadsheets, or other standard/tailor-made software packages, the BPO leader will provide a wide range of custom solutions for efficient data management. We also convert huge volumes of paper/image-based forms into multiple-field, well-structured electronic formats for more efficient data/document management across organizations.

What we offer:
  » Data conversion to various formats such as MS Word, PDF, HTML, XML & XHTML
  » Image conversion to various formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, JBIG, BMP & PCX
Form conversion to different formats such as ASCII & CSV
  » Catalog conversion & updation
  » Print to e-text conversion
From data entry and content capturing through to data conversion, multi-formatting, and artwork enhancement – Go2India offer a full suite of services to make your e-publishing project a roaring success
CAD conversion/Vectorization
Conversion from Raster to Vector not only ensures enhanced efficiency and flexibility in tune with your project scope but also helps you achieve high data accuracy. At Go2India, we provide a whole range of CAD solutions & services and support some of the most advanced CAD platforms like Unigraphics, ProEngineer, Auto CAD, Cadra, Catia, MicroStation, Integraph PDS, Rebis AutoPLANT, and SolidWorks. Be it product modeling, architectural flyby, or high-quality image processing for GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Go2India has the experience and the expertise to deliver excellence as per international quality standards.
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