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Call Centres - Technical Support

In a technology-driven marketplace, high-quality tech support with low hold time is essential for enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring customer loyalty. Whether it is pre-sale product information requiring specialist knowledge, post-sales customer support, or complex issue management, enterprises across the globe require full-fledged facilities and dedicated teams of professionals working round the clock to serve end-users on a priority basis. Outsourcing your tech support operations to a reliable partner not only ensures a project-ready infrastructure for meeting operational criteria but also a rich pool of qualified professionals who will handle your customers with the same care, courtesy, and alertness.

Go2India, a Bangalore-based BPO leader, acts as a seamless extension of your technical help desk and enables significant cost reduction as clients are no longer subjected to the complex task of managing dedicated support centers. The company integrates superior technical expertise with analytical prowess and customer management skills to ensure execution & quality of the highest order.

Outsource Tech Support to Outshine Competition

From product support through to installation, activation, equipment troubleshooting, and upgradation, Go2India provides a full line of knowledge-based technical support services 24x7 and across multiple channels including voice, Web (live chat & Web conference) and e-mail/fax. Client help desks are manned by experienced technical support engineers (TSEs) who are thoroughly trained in customer products/applications/services and possess proven capabilities in problem-solving, especially in a non-scripted environment. Knowledge evaluation tests are also held to ensure appropriate resource allocation.

Go2India caters to the varied requirements of businesses, enterprises, and service-providers, and covers almost all aspects of customer support and back office processes. We will study markets, consumers, and business environments for a thorough understanding of your project, and subsequently employ a dedicated team of well-trained technicians & customer service representatives to ensure top-notch services within the shortest possible response time. The company also initiates pilots, followed by an increase in volume and scope which abides by pre-determined project metrics.

In tune with the global practice, the BPO leader has introduced a multi-tier escalation process for effective customer interaction, rapid routing of requests to proper contacts, and quick issue-fixing. While Tier 1 support may involve addressing simple problems and responding to “how to” queries, both Tier 2 & Tier 3 support will deal with highly complex problem environments. On-demand and high-demand support requests are also treated with priority while we try and find right solutions the first time and every time. Our technical support services span the following areas:
1.Product Query Support
3.Configuration & Activation
5.Hardware/Software Usage
6.Troubleshooting/Issue Resolution

At Go2India, we follow a set of aggressive efficiency metrics for better performance and adhere to a comprehensive reporting methodology for greater transparency & control. A detailed account of FCR (first call/contact resolution), AHT (average handling time), call volume, and trend analyses enable us to evaluate process performance and enhance service levels as we focus on adding business value to your project and exceeding your expectations every time. With Go2India as the choice outsourcing partner, you can deliver world-class technical support within stipulated budget, ensure enhanced customer experience, and focus on your core competencies to realize your long-term business vision.

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