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Inventory Management

In today’s fast-moving and customer-focused global marketplace, successful inventory management is crucial for quick turnaround, enhanced customer satisfaction, and round-the-clock stock monitoring. The increasing complexity of product portfolios and fragmented mass markets call for effective inventory management so that businesses can balance demand & supply, control materials flow, lower costs, and ensure supply chain competitiveness. Gartner has found warehouse/inventory management to be one of the three largest BPO markets in Europe – catering to the manufacturing sector and meeting the requirements of multiple countries with fluctuating demands.

Although not a part of a company’s core competencies, inventory management is a crucial business function with a direct impact on sales and ROI (return on investment). Manufacturers/distributors across the globe, therefore, outsource inventory management & control operations to offshore BPO experts in a bid to meet customer demand on time and maintain an efficient material management lifecycle. Based in the Silicon Valley of Bangalore, Go2India is a key BPO player working extensively for the global distribution industry and constantly demonstrating a thorough comprehension of effective inventory management. We have the expertise to optimize & monitor a wide range of inventory types across industry verticals and deliver value-added functionality & flexibility required for maximizing profits and enhancing customer services.

Gain More with Go2India

Inventory Management & Control
Go2India integrates latest technology tools with process efficiency to deliver best-in-class solutions & services tailor-made to ensure effective inventory management and reduced costs. Our experts will optimize your inventory, process purchase orders/sales orders/bills, track materials usage, generate inventory reports, and perform variance analysis for efficient stock management. Be it production or materials procurement planning; demand management or inventory reduction; sales/distribution management or electronic data interchange (EDI) – our consultative approach and highly customized solutions will meet every requirement within your stipulated timeframe but without exceeding your budget. Go2India employs the latest ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools with provision for inbuilt EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) calculations, as well as other comprehensive and customizable software suites – so that you can shorten delivery cycles, manage costs of goods and inventory holding, execute deployment strategies, and enhance profitability. The BPO leader has also implemented most advanced data security measures which conform to highest international standards and keep your business information safe. Our service domains include:

Purchase Order Processing
Sales Order Processing
Bill Passing
Stock Management
Sales & Distribution Management
Export/Import Management
B2B for PO & SO Management/EDI

Customer and Volume Pricing
In a bid to meet the dictates of diverse market segments and explore new opportunities, multi-tier pricing/quotation are required for partners, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, while volume pricing (discount for bulk purchases) impacts inventory purchases in a big way. At Go2India, our experienced professionals use latest SCM (Supply Chain Management) tools to help you assign different pricings, quotations, and promotional schemes across all distribution channels. Aligning prices with diverse customers, markets, and product characteristics not only provides you with unprecedented flexibility but also enables you to support strategic plans and grow exponentially.

Integrated Inventory & Enhanced Supply Chain
As companies reduce delivery cycles and costs to attract more customers, the need for an integrated inventory has become integral to any business in order to streamline operations and build stronger lines of communication among partners, sales, purchase, logistics, POS, and end-users. Using latest applications, experienced professionals at Go2India integrate inventory features (pricing, images, specifications, and more) with all relevant functions so that all authenticated users can keep track of real-time inventory and pricing. We can also maximize your supply chain effectiveness and reduce costs significantly through inventory tracing, tracking, pack control, bin management, and controlled stock movement. Contact us today and find out how Go2India can provide innovative, effective, and high-quality services for improving inventory management, enhancing customer service, and strengthening partner relationships.

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